Bare Body Beauty Tub of Scrub: Mango, Musk and Molasses

$29.00 AUD

Use me in the shower or bath as many times a week as you like. Be warned that the way I make you feel can become addictive.
Grab a few handfuls and rub me all over in a circular motion, make sure you’re already wet! leave me on for a while then rinse before you hop out. I'm amazing on your skin, I help with stretch marks and scarring as well as exfoliating your body. My oils nourish and refresh and my natural acids eliminate toxins and blemishes. No need to moisturize after our body scrubs as they do it for you! Deep long lasting moisture.
Fabulous for getting the last bits of a spray tan off! Moisturizers the skin and improves the tan application and longevity - it's been known to double the life of your spray tan!.