Lavender Planet Cup 12oz

$39.00 AUD

Lavender is the dreamy little sister to our beloved Sage Planet Cup.

This beautiful cup has a lovely pinky-purple hue, a perfect match for the classic Sage. An intricate hand-carved pattern gives Lavender a unique edge. The textured feel also reduces slip, so there'll be no crying over spilt coffee. 
Get lost day dreaming as you indulge in luscious lattes from your Lavender Cup.

This dreamy cup is sure to bring a whole lot of love to your daily dose! Cream 100% silicone lid.

All cups are handmade and one of a kind. You will receive a cup similar to the cups pictured but there are no two the same. Variations in size, colour and markings is what makes them unique!  

Pottery For The Planet Cups are made of ceramic and must be handled with care. Ceramic will crack if knocked or dropped.